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To reach the future we belive in, It is not enough just to advise our clients

We act with inteligence


Seeking the best solution between the entrepreneur's needs and environmental guidelines, Cedro operates in the allotment and gated market, always combining proposals for quality of life, safety and well-being.


With a multidisciplinary team, we will offer all the necessary urban and environmental consultancy, with physical division projects and all complementary projects. Turning projects into reality, we provide solutions from feasibility consultation to project execution.

  • Allotments / Condominiums / Breakdowns;
  • Physical Division Project;
  • Rainwater Drainage Network Project;
  • Sanitary Sewer Collection Network Project;
  • Drinking Water Supply Network Project;
  • Earthworks Project;
  • Paving, Signage and Complementary Works Project;
  • Hydrography Characterization / Decharacterization Report;
  • Neighborhood Impact Study;
  • Impact Study of Traffic Generator Pole.