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To reach the future we belive in, It is not enough just to advise our clients

We act with inteligence


The high quality standards of the studies provided by CEDRO Environmental Intelligence have been strategic for its clients and reference to the environmental analysts of the competent agencies. In this way Cedro becomes a process accelerator, ensuring differentiated analyzes considering the characteristics of each project.

  • Enviroment Impact Study;
  • Environmental Impact Report;
  • Simplified Environmental Study;
  • Simplified Environmental Report;
  • Environmental Plan for Conservation and Use of Artificial Reservoir Surroundings;
  • Conservation Unit Management Plan;
  • Basic Environmental Plan;
  • Forest inventories;
  • Preliminary Environmental Report;
  • Degraded Areas Recovery Project;
  • Environmental audits;
  • Socioeconomic Studies (quilombolas, indigenous and traditional communities);
  • Environmental management;
  • Environmental Management and Supervision;
  • Implementation of Environmental Programs and Monitoring;
  • Environmental Program Detailing Report;
  • Physical Studies (Geology, Hydrology and Geoprocessing);
  • Archeology.